DIGITAL MATE, with more than 12 years of experience, has put in place, over the years, qualitative methods for the most efficiency for client projects. Thus, we have developed agile methods, allowing us to support our customers as closely as possible to their expectations and their needs.

Two modes of organization coexist:
• flat-rate projects: for well-defined projects
• managed mode projects: projects evolving in real time and requiring constant responsiveness

Phase 1 – Design

1 – Expression of need by the customer – via documents or e-mail provided by the customer
2 – Clarification of the need and expression of the technical constraints via exchanges between the client and DIGITAL MATE
3 – Breakdown into functionalities and speci fi cations for each functionality by DIGITAL MATE
4 – Estimated development times by DIGITAL MATE
5 – Validation or withdrawal of speci fi cations by the client



Phase 2 – Realization

1 – Choice of speci fi cations to integrate in the next sprint
2 – Start of the sprint – development of speci fi cations and accounting of development times by DIGITAL MATE
3 – Tests by the customer and corrections by DIGITAL MATE
4 – End of the sprint – Validation by the client
5 – Return to stage 1 of the realization until the development is finalized, or return to the design phase to add new functionalities and start a new sprint.



The specifications will be estimated and counted in man-days according to the time spent during the production phase.

Project management will be counted in man-days according to the time spent during the design phase and for monitoring the implementation phase.

A deposit of 10 days will be paid by the customer at the launch of the governed approach. Sprints will be paid upon validation by the client (step 4). In this way the client will only pay for the developments carried out and delivered and will allow him to have precise budgetary visibility on his project.

The daily rate is defined in the following table according to the profiles:

The daily rate in the event of an on-site intervention / physical appointment is € 1,000 excluding tax per day.
Depending on the volume of the project, discounts may be applied.